Saturday, September 01, 2007
  List of Things I Didn't Want to Be Taking to the Bahamas, but Am
  1. Dayquil, Nyquil
  2. Box of Kleenex
  3. Likely-to-be-unused divegear (I wanted to bring the divegear, but I wanted to use it, dammit)

But hey, at least I'm still going.

We didn't leave today. Obviously.

Last night, I was still hellbent on going, despite feeling like total and utter crap. They call it bull-headed.

I walked over to Winn-Dixie to fullfill my part of the "Stacey prepares the food & bedding, Chris prepares everything else" bargain for this trip. I definitely got the easy part of that. Anyway, so I walk over there to buy fruit, which is the only thing I had left to get. It was SO HOT in there. Finally, I had to ask, "Is it just because I'm sick, or is it actually hot?" It turns out their a/c was broken. Winn-Dixie strikes again! So anyway, I get home and set the bag of stuff on the kitchen counter and then go sit at the table and start crying. And yes, I still thought I was going to the Bahamas in less than 12 hours, in that condition.

A bit earlier last night, Chris realized the windlass (for the anchor, don't ask me why they call it that) wasn't working late last night and mentioned leaving Sunday instead. A hopeful lightbulb went off over my head. But, of course, Chris was being just as stubborn about leaving today as I was being stubborn about going period. I think it eventually sunk in how miserable I was feeling and we decided to call the trip off for Saturday, and try again for Sunday.

As for today, I'm definitely still sick, but it's much better than yesterday.

I spent most of the day in bed. Kitten liked this, because this meant she got to keep me company, by hanging out up in her new favorite spot, the windowsill over the bed. It's both very private, plus unlike under the bed, she's never had her ass kicked by Oreo on the windowsill. Plus, she can see birds and everything else from up there. It's very narrow, but she doesn't seem to mind that, even when she falls off once in a while. ("I meant to do that, duh.")

kitten, chillin' out in hew new favorite spot

I think this is horribly cute, especially when her little feet get all pushed up against the curtains.

The bonus is that then Sebastian will come in and not realize she's there and, at some point, she'll wake up or wake up and jump down and all hell will break loose. Today, he was napping with me and she was on the windowsill when she fell down. Sebastian was dead asleep, but JUMPED OUT OF BED. Panic all around, from both species. Lordy. Hopefully he'll eventually come to remember that sometimes there is a furry little creature up hiding behind the curtains. He even gets confused just when she stands up and stretches. Like, "OMG, what's that?" I'm like, hello, remember the kitties? We have three! You see them every day! Every day in the house, even!

Anyway, I did eventually get up to shower, which was a move in the right direction, and then I did get out of bed to go do my usual triangle-about-town to the camera shop and bookstore. Usually Whole Foods is a stop along that route, but today I skipped it.

I did get little comments here and there from shop clerks like, "Oh, I'll hurry dear, you look so tired," but I did make it all the way home without crying or taking my pants off in the car because I was so hot.

The cabin-fever bookstore trip is always the sign that things are looking up. :)

What did I get there? An in-depth D70 manual, as I talked to a professional photog the other day who told me to LEARN MY MANUAL, but sadly I lost my manual and can only find the Spanish version. I tried reading that, but uh... yeah, I'd rather have it in English.

Also, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Season Two. No more impulse buys, dammit, because I could have saved $20 plus tax by buying it off of Amazon! But I had re-watched the entirety of season one over the past week in bed (thanks again, Byron! your christmas gift from YEARS AGO is still giving!!!), so what am I to do? Criminal Intent is definitely my favorite of all the Law & Orders. Favorite show EVER. That Bobby is so good. So smart and so thoughtful! We all know how I feel about him. :)


Aww, and look at how he's looking at me. (I'm normal, right?)

So anyway, we leave for the Bahamas manana, with me and my kleenex in tow. Hopefully we will find someone to cross the Gulfstream with, an issue only thanks to my shitty timing on getting sick. I have big hopes that I will feel ever better tomorrow, and even better on Monday, etc. We'll be coming home Tuesday, and then I have class Tuesday night.

Wish us luck!

Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well. Get better and enjoy your trip!
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