Monday, July 07, 2008
  so sad
we had a visitor at our class the other night. he is an FAU staff member and apparently was involved in a dui incident 2 years ago. part of his sentence is to speak in public once per month about the dangers of alcohol & driving. he also has to write a column in the school paper.

i think we all thought we knew what to expect, but when he came in, he was so uncomfortable. he didn't really talk to us about what happened to him. at first he said that he was pulled over for dui, and i was like, "oh, so it wasn't an accident then." then a few minutes later, he said that there was an accident. he said it could have been much worse. then i realized he was talking about his punishment; he got off on a misdemeanour instead of a felony.

when someone came out and asked him what happened, he said he couldn't talk about it since there was a civil suit.

it was all just very weird. like... he kept saying things like it wasn't really his fault. other people were involved. etc. it just doesn't seem like the attitude you should have when coming out to talk to college students about drinking and driving. no wonder he said his previous speaking engagements went badly sometimes... kids would eat this guy up if he came in like he did to our class, dancing around the details and trying to avoid the blame.

i never caught his name, but did know his dept., so i found him on the school website and then googled him. through some columns he had written, i found out the truth. apparently he had a few drinks, then went out and had a few more, then was driving home and heard a "large noise under his car" so got out to check it out and discovered that he had hit a 24-year-old pedestrian, and killed him. i have no idea how he was trying to escape blame for this... no matter what other people did.

then tonight i came across a story in yahoo news about drinking games. this girl, who was born and lived in la crosse, died in her sleep from alcohol poisoning after spending the day drinking after her semester ended. she looked like a normal, sweet girl. the other stories in the article are just as sad. such as the guy who had 24 drinks in 2 hours on his 21st birthday and died from it. they just have no idea how lethal alcohol can be.

all of it is just so sad.
Uh...this guy KILLED someone, and still isn't learning from his mistake enough to MAN UP during his required talks to students? Where's the personal responsibility?! This makes me more than sad; it makes me sick. Some people will never learn, I guess. And that is, indeed, sad. :'o(
yeah, i was really not impressed. when he asked for advice on sharing his story with others, he said something about how it was difficult because people basically heckled him. i said, i think that if someone got up and was really HONEST about what happened, they wouldn't do that. i don't think he got what i was saying, tho.

if i were 15 and he came to my class acting like he did, i would heckle him too. however, if he was HONEST and REMORSEFUL, how could i? i think i would actually LISTEN.
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