Monday, January 19, 2009
  Monterey Bay Aquarium
We went here on Thursday. I loved it, and Chris actually liked it too. Usually when I'm wandering around somewhere taking pictures, he's bored, but at the aquarium he was in awe too.

Anchovies - check out the maw on the one dude

These are the anchovies. They swim around with their mouths wide-open to feed. I am very happy with this picture, despite the blurriness.

And there they are swimming.

I was looking forward to the jellyfish and they did not disappoint. Gorgeous, and soothing to watch.



My friend Bethy pointed out that this looks like a succession of the same jellyfish, which is exactly what I thought and is why I chose to post this one out of all the ones I got. I think the key to good jellyfish pics is to get them in some sort of order, but as I wasn't at the exhibit all that long. So I got lucky. :)


Sunfish are so weird

Very weird looking things, aren't they?

Cuttlefish are my faaavorite!

The cuttlefish are always my favorite. They always come up to the side of the tank and peer at you. And they're so damn cute! I guess they're pretty smart too.

There was a huge octopus that was stuck to the side of her tank because she was protecting a whole bunch of eggs. The aquarium people were all buzzing about it; were they fertile? They were looking forward to finding out. They may get some baby octopuses!

The aquarium has a section for birds. I asked, wondering if they change the birds out or something so they don't have to live in captivity for their whole lives. The volunteer explained that the birds are all there because they were hurt in some way and I guess they couldn't be released. They actually seem to have a pretty good life and weren't scared of people at all. The funny part is that these one birds kept dipping their grubs in the water. Chris wondered aloud why and I said I didn't know. Then I saw that the grubs were in some colored concoction.. I am guessing that it was a vitamin mix or something. So the birds were dipping the grubs in the water to get the powder off. Doh!

Cute little bird.

One of the sickly birds

This one looks real rough. He is probably a new arrival.

We LOVED the otters. I got some pics of the sea otters but it was through the scratched plastic, so I may have to fix them. These are river otters. They were all so playful... In one tank they were wrestling so fast that they were basically a blur. In the next, they were cuddling in a heap.

Sea otters are just like dogs.

It reminded us of the dogs, exactly.

They had a penguin exhibit. Who doesn't love penguins?


I loved the movement of this kelp tank. Whooosh!

I really have to start doing longer videos. I like these little clips so I can remember what stuff was like, but I think they're more effective when they're at least a minute or so long.

They had a few frogs and snakes and stuff:

Green snaaaaakes

Oh! They have weedy and leafy sea dragons. In a tank with big-bellied seahorses. Sadly I couldn't get any good pics of them.

Chris admiring one of the tanks

Chris at the open-water tank. Erh, that's kind of a contradiction, isn't it? :)

We didn't get there until about 3 p.m., so we were there until closing time at 6. The sun setting outside the aquarium was real pretty.

The Bay

A sea otter! I have some more of him on his back, eating a fish or something. Ridiculously cute.

Sea otter in the Monterey Bay!

I have a bunch more pics from the aquarium, mostly of the birds, but they'll have to wait.

Excellent place; I highly recommend you visit if you have the chance! Check out the pool on Flickr too.
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