Wednesday, May 11, 2005
  i am the proud mama of a new scaredy cat
1. byron is driving to atlanta as i type this. he got a new job, promoted within his current company. so he's moving, first pet cat in car (a stray that lives at a friend's house that he took a liking to). i'm excited for him but realized i'm going to miss him and regret not spending more time with one of my oldest and dearest friends while he was here. ah well, there's always email. as if he writes back. and the way i see it, i may be from wisconsin, but now he'll be living in georgia. no more makin' fun of my homestate rubes; at least i got out! :D

2. i'm buying a phone from a guy on craiglist. so chill out, everyone. i'll call. :)

3. i got the cat! and what a night it was. the kitten is so, so not happy about this. like her whole world is just SCREWED now that there's a strange cat under the bed. last night, she wouldn't come in my bedroom. "fine!" i went to sleep, door open to get some circulation. she came in at 5 a.m. and hopped up on the bed, did a round, obviously smelled the cat, then hopped back down, mewing. then there were scratchy noises.

i figured i'd better check to make sure little kitten was okay. but there was no kitten.

i looked for 45 minutes - behind the cooter container, under my blankets, in the bathtub. where the hell could he be??? right around the time i want to cry because i want to go back to sleep, i think to look under the couch. see, i don't even worry about my tortoise crawling under there; there's no room and the opening is covered w/ a quilt. well, the kitten got under there somehow.

oh, there you are!

the kitten wishing i'd leave him alone.

apparently the kitten is part octopus or something.

anyway, now i need a name for the little guy. token? (then again, he has some brown in his fur.) octopussy? boo? i have no idea. something good for nicknames, because i use them copiously. poor fluffy - WHO LET ME PET HIM THE OTHER NIGHT & YESTERDAY A LOT - is fluffy, fluffers, fluffycat and, ashamedly, fluffernutter. this shit just pours out my mouth, i swear.

this cat was originally part of a spay/neuter & release program, which is why the top of one of his ears is clipped. he was so young & sweet, though, they figured they could get him a home. he came to the shelter on 2/14. he was adopted but wouldn't come out from his hiding spot after two weeks, so the people gave him back. or, actually, the shelter lady had to go with a friend and CATCH the cat - it took 20 minutes. i'm hoping so bad this kitty learns to trust me.

time to go check on the cat! help with name!
You seem to be keen on diving... how about Jacques? (As in Jacques Cousteau.) It certainly lends itself to a myriad of nicknames: Jacquey; Jacquey-Cat; Jacquey-Bear; Jzha Jzha. (Aside from the last, these are - a few - nicknames for my cat Jack.)
My grandma named her black cat Whoopie; but after it got fat she renamed it Oprah.
I always liked "cooking fat" :-)

How about "Fiddy Cent" and then when you yell for it, the neighbours will think you're down!!
.. either that or you have fiddy cent living with you! would be a CATastrophe, eh?
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