Sunday, July 08, 2007
aww, shit, is it sunday night again already?

i can't make a subject line here for some reason. arrr.

let's see, what did i do this weekend?
well, friday night chris's friend big rod came into town. he's the one that came into town last time to meet the russian chick that mistook US1 for A1A (although she has lived in south florida for 8 years) and then parked in chris's front yard. anyway, he was in town to meet up with a different chick this time.. thankfully, this time it was saturday night and all the way in south beach, so we were spared having to be their hang-out couple. so he came into town on friday night and we all went out for a couple of drinks. well, i had 7, but six of them were water.

we went to the neighborhood place to start out, so walked there. oreo followed. i had to walk back to the house three times and sternly tell her to stay, then run back and hope she wouldn't follow. but she did; i'd turn around and there she was, running after me. she followed me all the way to a1a, a very busy street. i decided i'd just take her to the bar, since we sit outside anyway, but then realized we'd probably be moving on from there and what if we wanted to sit inside, etc... so i walked oreo back to the house and there kitten was, following us too. i was so frustrated. i ended up putting oreo in the boat, which is on the trailer in the driveway, and then running up the street. it finally worked. these cats!

we stayed out til 1 (late for us!) and stayed up too late and all that good stuff, and we still managed to get up early.. well, at 9.. to go out for breakfast. as planned, we went to la bonne crepe, which of course is always translated as "the good crap." har har har.

i didn't care much for rod last time he was in town, lots of which probably having to do with his self-professed playa rep preceding him, and the conversation wherein he said he would not buy a woman tampons. the man is a doctor for crissake, how could you be so squeamish as to not want to buy a woman tampons?! i so have no patience for that. but this time, he seemed pretty darned alright. it really doesn't matter what i think, but i've liked all of chris's friends so far.. i guess it's nice to not mind / look forward to his friends visiting rather than dreading having guests.

the good part, too, when rod is around is i get to hear about all the trouble chris used to get in with his little brother, "hot rod" who is now the proud papa of a two-year-old little girl, as uncle big rod still chases skirts. chris used to be bad. banned from many bars, kicked out of lots more. it's hard to imagine.

saturday afternoon, i put a swimsuit on to go take a dip so it promptly rained.

rain, last weekend or so

no matter; i took a nap. when i woke up, the sun was shining, so then i took a swim, and then we went on a costco run. god bless that place -- where else would america get its 32-packs of hot dog buns? i dropped chris off at mass afterwards and piddled around until i could go pick him up. then i went to work out - which i did friday night too (god also bless air-conditioned gyms across the street where i can watch law & order with sound!) then came home and showered so we could go watch the fireworks in tamarac since we missed the local ones on wednesday night. tamarac actually had a really impressive display - they just went on and on. i thought it was the finale, oh, three times or so. by the time we got home last night, we were both wiped out.

today i slept in. duh. chris went for a jog in this blasted heat. we rode bikes to the beach for breakfast.. well, lunch.. then had ice cream. i started getting a headache. arrrrgh. i watched two god-awful lifetime movies and felt sorry for myself, then got suited up and went out to the pool to hang out with chris, who was busy with 10 things out there, as usual. and the dogs, and patty. my headache went away at some point.

chris got a tank from the dive shop to make sure our dive gear was ready when we were.

Chris workin' on the scuba gear

he's really something, my chris. always doing something. and usually it's more than one thing. honestly. he lifts weights while he's cooking dinner. he brushes his teeth while he's driving. he's always workin' in the front yard or the back yard or on the big boat or the little boat or in the garage. he very rarely sits down, and when he does, i'm on him like glue. he laughed the other night when he paused to watch part of a movie, and i snuggled up to him. "getting it in while you can, right?" right.

tonight we ate corn on the cob and did homework. now, tomorow's already the start to another week. this next weekend should be nice and low-key & hopefully we get the new boat in the water. then the next weekend we gotta go to pittsburgh.

chris, in the pool

i took a bunch of pics of chris in the pool. he's so cute. :)

we put off the caymans for a month 'cause being away from home for a whole long weekend is hard. now, i was promised the caymans, so i want the caymans, but i don't want it during a time where we'll feel bad for not being at home. so now it's more like labor day. leaving home sucks; i totally feel chris's pain there. but not experiencing cool shit like, ya know, the caymans. that sucks too.

okay, time for some sleeeep.

oh, by the way - i started the teeth-whitening regimen i got from the dentist months ago, that i kept putting off because you can't drink coffee or, like, eat blueberries while you're using the stuff. with all these migraines, i thought it would be an opportune time to kick the caffeine... so this has been a coffee-free weekend. i'm not ready for withdrawal headaches, so have taken exactly one excedrin each day, but that's so much better than all that caffeine + sugar + cream. :)
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