Tuesday, July 10, 2007
  yeah, so

the master bath now officially belongs to the dogs.

as chris says, "due to stacey's lobbying, a.k.a. NAGGING," he finally followed up with the vet to see if it was advisable to leave the doggies outside during the day in this heat. (i said i'd shut up about it if the vet said it was okay!) the vet said no. fine if they all three were going in the pool voluntarily, but only gretchey does that.

so chris went and bought a special thing for the sliding glass door to make a doggy door out of it, and then we went and got this much-bigger crate tonight so they could all fit comfortably inside. and success! they do!

i'd love for them to have free run of the bathroom, but buddy still doesn't go potty where he should, and we don't know who we can trust around the wood bathtub and cupboards. but this is a great solution for now, for sure.

i'm such a dork! :) and so excited for them to have a nice, cool place to come nap when it gets too hot. then they can head back out to have fun when it gets a little cooler. plus, the bonus is that we won't be waking up at 7 on saturdays to let them out - they can let themselves out! :)

oh yeah -

food: breakfast was some jackfruit and a juvo shake with almond milk. lunch was half a papaya (yes, a big one) and a juvo shake. pre-workout snack was a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt with blueberries (for the protein, you know). dinner was a green salad with a raw dressing from glaser with yummy ravioli pasta and sun-dried tomatoes. to drink today, i had half a bottle of yerba mate today (40 cals), a straight green tea (0 cals), and lots of water.

exercise: 55 minutes on the treadmill. i was gonna do 45, but figured i'd tough it out until seinfeld was over.

working out at the gym versus running outside has big-time pros and cons.

con-wise, which has foremost on my mind, is that i like running outside. i run for 45 minutes or an hour or whatever and don't mind it. but on the treadmill? i am counting every minute. constantly calculating how much time i have to go. it's tedious, even with the tv on. also, i can't bring sebastian.

but pro-wise, it's very quantifiable. i know exactly how far i've gone, how fast i'm going, and have an estimate of how many calories i've burned.

today, though, i just started to realize that i should take advantage of these benefits. i've tried to hover at around 5.8 mph, with speed-ups to 6.0 and 6.5, but also slow periods of walking at 4.3 (often at an incline, depending on my energy). towards the end of my workout today, i was setting little goals of staying with the running until, say, the commercials were over. or staying at this speed (5.8) at this incline (5.5) for one full minute. trust me, at the end of a workout, it's harder than it sounds -- at least for me it was hard!

so anyway, long story short: today's workout indoors was the first one that i didn't absolutely hate for not being an outside run. this is good because i don't get headaches after inside workouts, so it really is for the best that i start to like them! :)

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