Sunday, July 29, 2007
  another weekend, over. sigh.
hey, at least this would have been a three-day week and we would have been going to the caymans this weekend.. but, no, we're not doing that now. and also, at least i have a math final to look forward to! also, at least this is just a three-day week for CHRIS! bah!


it was a nice weekend! i managed to do things OUTDOORS and still not get a headache! this goes in the record books! i really am so happy about this! :)

friday night, alli came over and we watched this documentary, grey gardens. it's a rufus wainwright song, and then i kept hearing it mentioned, and so i looked it up, and realized it was right up alli's uh.. alley. so she got it from netflix and brought it over. it's jackie o's cousin living in a run-down mansion in the hamptons. quite.. wow. and lots of cats, as can be expected.

she was up early for a dive the next day, but chris was dropping gretchey off to be fixed so we couldn't go in time.. so i got to sleep in. or i thought i did.. but everyone kept barking and making noise.. oy. anyway, chris, patty & i went for a dive at around noon down by the pier at commercial. first time underwater this year. very refreshing, and what a relief to get down there again. the highlight was a cute pair of squid i spotted and made a dash for. the one didn't seem to mind me and let me swim after him. i made sure chris realized my intent before i dashed off after the squid, and after i gave up, chris tried too. it was pretty cool. i was so happy to see all my little fish friends after such a long break. "hi, sharpnose puffer! hi puffer fish! hi scorpionfish! hi, tiny baby damselfish!" the first of everything was such a nice surprise.

i decided i'm getting a tank, $125 be damned! maybe do a dive here and there before work, or right after. take advantage of this warm water while we have it! also, we were out for something like 90 minutes and i came back with 1500 psi... so i'm thinking having my own tank would be good for getting to do multiple dives. 3 1-hr dives or something. at least 3 45-minute ones! :)

afterwards, we rinsed everything in the driveway to get the sand off, then threw it in the pool, then i went in after it to cool off, which was kinda fun.. i grabbed my tank weights and a mask and trudged over to the deep end to retrieve things off the bottom of the pool. heh. then rinsed it in the outdoor shower by the pool, then set it out on the dock to dry. then chris put it away later... what a nice setup we have for diving - long gone are the days that i huff and puff to get all my stuff inside to my little apartment, rinse everything in my bathtub, and then have to shower the next day with all my gear drying alongside me...!

but hey, i did all that - geared up, dove, undid all the gear, hauled it all off to the back, thrice-rinsed, hung it out to dry.. worked up a fair tan in the process.. and i didn't get a migraine. i actually got one of those hot-pounding-head deals, which kinda worried me. but it never turned into an actual headache! woo! and no imitrex!

then it was off to pick gretchey up at the vet's. poor girl was so out of it.. she didn't know what was going on. chris felt guil-ty. but it's for the best, and she's already basically back to herself. although her belly still does look quite funny, and she does get knocked out every time we give her a pain pill. but that's alright.

um.. what else did we do? i took a three-hour nap yesterday. that was nice. :) today we went on a fruitless bike ride in search of a place to have breakfast at 3 p.m. chris understood why no one was serving pancakes and french toast at that hour, but i don't see any excuse why all business do not operate under the ihop model. but chris did discover last night that there's a beach bar right across the street from here, and we checked it out today and it's quite nice! hm.. what else.. besides that i've mostly been doing homework stuff. chris made pancakes. later, chris made burritos. we did math. blech. lots of talk about the galapagos. may 2008, baby. :)

ok, gotta get back to work. so the food report, real quick:

friday: breakfast: non-yummy shake with romaine and spinach and a banana and protein powder. lunch: asian salad (greens, cashews, spicy dressing that makes your lips tingle) from einstein bagels. fruit. this i ate in a roomful of folks eating publix subs and these weird sandwiches made of, i swear, huge cookies with frosting in the middle. i'm pretty sure they made fun of me when i left the room. snack: apple w/ almond butter. dinner: grilled cheese (2) on wonderbread (ha!) with tomato-basil soup. to drink, 1/5th a bottle kombucha. it made me sleepy and semi headachy so i didn't drink anymore. 1 green tea.
saturday: breakfast: half a granola plank (don't ask) and a cantaloupe-protein smoothie. lunch: sandwich with romaine & fresh avocado. also, half a fluffernutter. baby carrots. grapes & cut pineapple. dinner: hot dogs! (hey! norm! if i were a hot dog, would you eat me?) morningstar farms. two. with cheese. tater tots on the side. we meant to go out for ice cream but never made it.. now if that's not lazy...
sunday: breakfast: can you still call it breakfast at 3:30 p.m.? oh, yeah, i had the other half of that granola plank when i woke up with some papaya. anyway - blueberry pancakes, made with buckwheat (so they're the "healthy" kind) with tater tots on the side (not the healthy kind). dinner: burritos. just one. normal size. i used to eat two, as full as i could get them. so this is an improvement. and pretty healthy, aside from the dean's guacamole (i was out of fresh avocado). edy's sorbet pop (120 cals).

doin' good on the veggies. my next goal is to get some more beans in my diet. maybe this weekend i can make the black bean soup recipe in my book!
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