Tuesday, July 24, 2007
  agggh (cat poop, etc.)
i feel like i haven't gotten a good, solid night of sleep in ages. most of the time, i sleep, but you can shave a half hour or so of however many hours i lay down off of how many hours i actually get to sleep for time i plead with sebastian to stop scratching at the door or oreo to decide where she wants to sleep or even to yell at the puppies in the other room matter-of-factly that it is 6 a.m. and i am not getting up yet.


real quick, 'cause i just finished chapters 1-16 of this book and i gotta take a quiz and get my booty in bed. i was seriously falling asleep, and the book was melting in with my dreams and it was way too weird.

i have not yet hit the gym since leaving it off after last week's headache. go me. in my defense, it's been a tough couple of days - excuses, excuses. and i set my alarm early this morning to go, but... well, didn't wake up until a bit too late to go, and then got to clean up cat shit from the couch instead anyway. thanks, oreo! (like how i blame the cat?) but anyhow, i'm going tomorrow! this week is going to suck, though - i have a paper that i have not yet started due next wednesday, as well as a final. then comes my math final! but that isn't until the 5th. then i have, like, 2-3 weeks off of classes! i'm excited about that! between my last two terms, i had two days off...

i have kept up eating well, the weekend aside. i started off so well.. a health shake, two bananas.. then chris's mom made me a cheese omelette. the rest of saturday wasn't so bad, save for a bunch of cookies at the wedding. thanks to the headaches, i've lost much of my desire to drink - all i had to drink at the wedding besides water was two perrier & cranberries. omg, such a grownup. sunday.. sunday was a disaster. from the cheese omelette to the pizza. we're just not going there. :)

but monday was a new day!
breakfast: spinach, banana, protein shake. lunch: veggie wrap, leftover from meeting at work. these are ridiculously healthy because all they're made of are.. veggies! with some hummus. snack: an apple w/ almond butter for a snack. dinner: by request, chris made me french toast, 3 slices. also, we had leftover wedding cookies for dessert (2). two green teas (0 cals) to drink during the day, and lots of water.

and today was good!
breakfast: banana, greens powder, and protein powder (forgot my veggies at work!) shake. lunch: big lunch! huge salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, romaine. a couple spoonfuls of pasta salad with feta cheese - yum! the front half of a slice of veggie pizza i was coerced into eating by a vendor because he had just made it and i didn't want to be rude. overall, very healthy - and very filling. snack: apple w/ almond butter. dinner: very reasonable portion of cheese ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes with a side of green beans, 1 l leftover wedding cookie. two green teas (0 cals) to drink, along with lots of water.

overall, i'm very happy that i've gone from, like, 0 fresh vegetable consumption to.. i dunno? what am i getting now? a few servings a day, i'd guess, at least. i'm reading up on juicing with plans to get more. i like my little bright-green morning smoothies, so am going to experiment with getting different healthy stuff in there. and i'm thinking about a juicer!

oh, i love this website: the world's healthiest foods

ok, i'm off!
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