Wednesday, August 01, 2007
so last night i emailed my paper thus (thence? th.. whatever) far to my work address.

today i worked on it some.

i was getting my stuff ready at 5 to leave for my final. then my co-worker mentions she needs a ride to go get her car. eek. okay. i normally would have NO PROBLEM doing that - and i have before, but today i had to get to davie for that final by 6:30, and i also had to stop off for a snack so i didn't die during the final of starvation. she saw my hesitation and said, "let's just leave now." i couldn't very well NOT help her, so i say ok and try to get my things together.

i email my now-current paper back to my home email address and close up my computer.

i get to my car and realize i left my notes for my in-class essay at my desk. so much for brushing up on that during the hour drive. this really sucks.

left the office at 5, by the time i drop her off it's 5:20.. stop at the store, grab a fruit pie, eat it on the way, get to the campus at 6:20 (by now i realize there's no way i can take classes at the FAU campus in davie while working 9-5 - no way), have enough time to fill my water bottle and pee, get to class. take the final. come home. call chris, request he brings dinner home from the restaurant, take a shower, sit down to start on my paper, which is due in about 3 hours at that point with a LOT OF WORK LEFT TO BE DONE ON IT.

but i have no email.


you've got to be kidding me.

so i throw some flip-flops on and hop in the car and go to my office, which at night i note takes about 5 minutes to get to (woo!). my security card doesn't work to get in the office, so the security guard has to call the OFFICE MANAGER at HOME and i have to explain the situation. luckily, she my bud (she came over and fed the kittens before) so it wasn't the end of the world. but still. and i lost 30-40 minutes.

and, of course, there the email was -- sitting in the outbox. i waited for it to send and made sure it was in my yahoo before i left.

all i have to say is that i was lucky.

and yes, now my research paper is submitted. all done for the semester.... aside for that pesky math final, of course. :)

food: breakfast: shake with banana, two handfuls of baby greens (which i am now out of, whoops), carrots, scoop of protein powder. lunch: the rest of those baby greens with half an avocado and a mango chopped up and mixed in - yummmmm, with banana vinegar as dressing. half a yerba mate (40 cals). pre-final snack: raw fruit pie (in mango). dinner: shrimp quesadillas, hold the queso. to drink: green tea.

i hope to work out tomorrow night. this week has sucked in that regard. but hey, whatcha gonna do...
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