Sunday, March 30, 2008
  omigod (she strikes again)
chris came in to get me today to say that his ma had struck again... FIVE emails, did i want to read? he hadn't really read them, but he knows i get a kick out of her craziness, so i was welcome to peruse them if i wanted. it was a mistake.

i'm not going to really go there entirely, but... uhh... part of it was that i am not pretty. insert a story of a guy she knows that married a norwegian girl (yes, norwegian) that is "ten times" prettier than me whose family were dairy farmers. so yeah, not only was she ten times prettier than me, but her family took out a loan so that she could buy a house because they explained to her that in taiwanese families, the wife brings the house. is this that chris needs a second house? a third? wha? anyway, she is now learning to be a good chinese wife and can eat her whatever beef dish with chopsticks like a pro. a dig at my vegetarianism? i dunno.

lots of the emails focused on how pretty i am not. the only thing that is pretty about me is my hair, and that can come out of a clairol bottle. she brought up chris's former love, who was "a beauty queen" and could at least make chris look good from the outside. but stacey, oh stacey... what does stacey have to offer? nothing.

i know she's psycho. i know this. but regardless... to have someone say that about you hurts anyhow. a lot. it was around the beauty queen email that i got up and left the computer and went to straighten up the bathroom, which is what i do when i'm upset. i only looked at parts of a few emails. thank god; i'd hate to see what else she said about me. i don't know if it can be worse than being called unattractive and basically nothing, but i suppose she probably could think of something...

all i gotta say that, if ANY OF MY SELF ESTEEM survives this year, i'll be amazed. between school and this... um, yeah.

on the bright side, she's pretty much a banished subject. communications from her are banished. miserable, miserable person.
hmm... you're already pretty pretty. i don't think it's humanly possible for someone to be ten times prettier than you. even a super-hero whose superpower was prettiness could only be maybe 3-5x prettier than you, at best. ;D
Oh Stacey!! You are a BEAUTIFUL, intelligent woman!! Don't let this wretched bitch of a woman (or anyone else) say anything to the contrary!!

That woman should be banished period, not just as a subject!
She's a spiteful woman who resents losing her son to such a wonderful, smart, compassionate, beautiful woman -- inside AND OUT! What she doesn't realize is that she wouldn't lose him if she didn't try to make him choose. This is totally her problem, not yours! :)
Obviously she's never understood the meaning of "beauty". From an outsider who reads your blogs and glances at your flickr, I think you're totally gorgeous. Not just on the outside either. You have so much compassion and conviction that it makes me think I should be doing more for stray kitties and puppies I see. It makes me feel slightly bad for eating meat :)

Any woman who can say those things about another woman (in an EMAIl no less) obviously doesn't understand the meaning of the word beautiful. She obviously is very very self-conscious about herself but is too proud to say these things about herself so she takes it out on you because she can.

Chris is lucky he has you in his life :)
thank you guys. ike, your comment made me laugh. and you chicas, you're sweet. thank you very much. :)
You are one of, and have always been, one of the most beautiful people in my life. Not just because you're totally hot and I SO WOULD, but because you're just full of GOOD.

I want to find this woman and hurt her.
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