Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I thought these were funny, even if they're five months too late. Also, I could think of some better ones for "Huang." :)

Time for me & Orzo to retire! I've done my one discussion post! I had a busy night. I did my 45 minutes on the treadmill and, trust me, I felt every one. It was seriously tough. I accepted it wouldn't be a great workout and did 5 minutes running, 2-3 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, and so on. And I just did that, barely. I did some squats and crunches and stuff to pass the last 15 minutes of the Law & Order I was watching, too.

How cute are we? Example of me & Chris at home. I get dressed to go to the gym. Sebastian mistakenly thinks I'm getting dressed for an outdoor jog, on which he always gets invited even when I don't want to invite him. I just can't leave him disappointed. "Will you give him a treat?" I ask Chris. "Sure." "But now?" "Okay." Chris goes in the other room, where the treats are. Sebastian keeps his ass planted, staring at me expectantly, despite the obvious noises of treats being retrieved in the other room. I start going, "Daddy has treats! Better go see!" Finally, I lead Sebastian to the other room, lead him TO the Milkbone. Then, as soon as Sebastian starts to go for it, Chris says, "Run, baby, RUN!" I do, scrambling for my keys. On my way out, though, I pause to let Oreo in while praying Sebastian doesn't catch up with me. :) Such a happy family.. like, I dunno, the Brady Bunch - my three cats, his three dogs. Except the cats hate the dogs and one of the cats hate the other two and the feeling is mutual and I'm not sleeping with any of them and none of them has an alcohol problem. Well, except maybe Oreo. She sure keeps weird hours, that one, and we don't know where she goes. Also, she keeps getting fat and then thin and then fat again. A lot like Britney, and we know how that one is.

After the gym, I came home and ate dinner, which Chris made (of course). After dinner, I cried about my school situation -- I want to go full-time, but I want to have a life too. Arrrr. There are loans, but oh my god, the amount of money I will have to take out to both go to school and to live is ginormous. At least, if I want to keep myself in rented rooms and organic romaine, anyhow.

Anyway, then I stopped crying into my tofu and made some raw zucchini hummus (instead of chickpeas - zucchini!) and my lunch for tomorrow (romaine sandwiches! with hummus!) and the tortoises' lunch. Then I prepared tomorrow's breakfast smoothie - now, with spinach! - and put it in the blender in the fridge, so tomorrow all I have to do is add water & ice and turn the little sucker on. Then I cleaned up after all of that and dinner. All of this took, like, two hours. Phew. Tired. Why is it, again, I don't just eat at McDonalds? The drive-thru even.

We're going to Pittsburgh this weekend, for like 23 hours. Did I mention that? I'll get some pictures. Maybe. I'm not sure in 23 hours that I'll have time, or really anything to take pictures of.

For now, though, I just want to get some sleeeep.

Oh, wait, food! Breakfast: shake with fruit & protein mix. A banana mid-morning. Lunch: salad from Einstein. That Asian one. Delicious. But was digesting myself again about two hours later so had a yogurt with peaches mmmmmm. Digesting myself again by about 5 p.m. so went to the store after work for a raw fruit pie, papaya mmmmm Dinner was 3 Asian bean pastry things that Chris hates probably with the paper still attached to the bottom (extra fiber), bok choy, and lots of tofu. Chris makes excellent tofu. I venture to say I ate too much of it. To drink today: one green tea, lots of water.

I've really kicked coffee's ass. I'm pretty proud of myself there. :)

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