Sunday, July 22, 2007
  this is one of the VERY few pics i have from pittsburgh...

Baby Chris!, originally uploaded by estacey.
Isn't he cute??!

anyway, about the pics, why is that?

1. we were only there 23 hours.

2. i didn't bring my camera. see above. plus, you know, you only want to carry on so many things. plus, chris was bringing the powershot.

3. chris forgot the powershot at the house when we went to the wedding, which was most of the photo-worthy stuff we did there.

his mom did take pics, which i hope she sends over. i did snap some pictures of pictures this morning around the house. i LOVED the childhood pics of him and his sisters. they were everywhere. each of them has their own collage in the living room. patty was a dancer! chris dyed his hair! both of them cooed over da bo! :) it was very cute.

ha ha, i'm the first girl he's ever brought home. EVER. i would take a lot more pride in that fact only chris's ma had to bug him to bring me. he was trying to spare me the wedding (so he says), and i respect him for it. weddings are weird.

this one cost $60 grand. this basically means it was a $60,000 party. very nice, but.. i just don't understand. also, it took a year to plan. a party that takes a YEAR TO PLAN. i mean.. i don't mind going to them, so i guess more power to the folks who want a perfect wedding. i'll shut up now. :)

but yeah, it was really a pretty wedding. very pretty venue. one really messed-up, sloppy-drunk-by-7-p.m. maid of honor. double-fisting the vodka & cranberries. making really goofy, incomprehensible speeches filled mostly with giggles and coos. crying in the bathroom after knocking stuff down in the hallway on the way there. god bless 'er.

pittsburgh was prettier than expected, but also very strange. very.. it just keeps going. lots of tunnels and bridges and trees and steep hills and, well, chain stores like everywhere else. i mean, i only saw a very little bit of it. it seems a little confusing. like it'd take 10 times longer to find your way around if you moved there, in contrast to, say, florida.

chris's parents are very cute. i really like them, actually. :) i'm quite sure his mom was the type that encouraged/pressured for success (obviously, it worked - she has three doctors for kids), and i know that gets hard for kids.. but she and chris's father were also the type of parents that gave the kids dance lessons and piano lessons and took them to disney world and to the beach and helped them with their homework and framed pictures of them all over their house and helped them through college and are still helping their youngest and proudly display their diplomas and cap-and-gown pictures, and i wonder what it would be like to be raised like THAT!

they drove us around the city, took us to a pretty lookout point, drove us through the campus of carnegie-mellon, pointed out the building where chris's dad worked on getting his phd (he's an engineer) and then pointed out the little pond where he proposed to chris's mom. very cute. that campus is gorgeous, actually. is it a law somewhere that campuses have to be gorgeous?

chris's mom spent much of the time talking about US getting married and when are WE going to have kids, etc. and how much chris loves kids, and how good he was with his baby sister when she was born, and how he still takes such good care of her.. and how we shouldn't wait too long to have kids because, if you do, you can't be assured you can have them and then how sad would we be. i told her not to worry; my sister kamille just had a baby and she's 35! i finally shut her up when i said i didn't know when i wanted to get married, which is only a half-truth because i haven't really thought about it. which is because there isn't much of a point in thinking about it, because it's just not happening right now! but that didn't faze her; then she stopped asking and just started talking matter-of-facting about when we did this or that, we should..., e.g. "when you have kids, you should definitely..." we just kinda smirked at each othat at that point and let it go... it's kinda like she thought if she said it really fast and we didn't argue with it, it would be set in stone. like she was writing the future with her words. very sneaky, that chris's mom. :)

anyhoo, we're back now. i was so exhausted, i hardly moved from the couch once i got back from taking kitten to the vet (ear mites) this afternoon until this evening. now i need sleep. that's either the topamax - which has caused the lovely side effect of my foot feeling like it's fallen asleep - or just plain ol' fatigue from going to pittburgh for, like, 23 hours. ha!

okay, anyway, time for me to get some sleeeep!

oh, yeah, by the way, i had a headache from,. like, wed-friday last week. that was a blast. i came home and took a 5-hr nap friday, though, and that finally deep-6'd it. dawny, i wonder if your constant lack of quality sleep is what's sustaining your headaches. it surely i think is what was sustaining mine!

What is it with you kids and headaches???

BTW...Chris is a cutie! ;)
Glad the wedding went well and meeting Chis's Mom went well. Her talking about getting Married is a lot better than her not talking about it even if you did feel strange. Being on the other side of the fence not having the mother like you is tougher,
A trip like that does wear you out but sounds like it was a lot of fun. Get some rest and take it east a few days, Maybe work in a dive. For what is worth if its ever too rough in the ocean you can dive at Ginnie for free, just let me know when so I can get you past the front desk and take some time off to be a show you around.
My mother has gone super-psycho marriage/baby crazy lately. In the last couple months she has made attempts to set me up with various daughters/nieces/cousins of friends of theirs, ranging in age from 20 to 42.

A quote on the 42-year old sales pitch: "She has a house, and a job! She seems like she's nice enough."

Here's another lovely exchange I didn't need to be present for...
Mom "You need to get to work and make a grandbaby for us."
Dad "So long as it isn't a zebra." [zebra = half-black in Dad's world]
Mom "No, no. that would be ok too!"

What fun.
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