Thursday, July 19, 2007
  It's not that I have insomnia..
It's just that I have pets.

I had a long night last night. I finished homework right around midnight. Piddled around, as usual afterwards. But anyway, my hair was slathered in coconut oil and braided, my face washed, eyes Burt's-Bees-eye-creamed, teeth brushed, doors were locked, lights were off, and I was TIRED AND READY FOR BED. Chris had been asleep for three hours.

"C'mon, Oreo, it's time for bed." With her in one hand and a glass of water in the other, I walked towards the bedroom, Sebastian click-click-clicking after us. I set Oreo on the bed and go to shut the bedroom door and Sebastian runs out. I go after him. He thinks we're playing. A chase ensues. I am yelling, "Sit!" but he is ignoring this command. I finally get the "I'M NOT PLAYING" point across and he stops, I pick him up and go to the bedroom, set him down and.... Oreo is now in the dining room. I really don't want to leave either of them with free rein in the house.. So I go get Oreo and then Sebastian is back out in the living room. Eventually I get Sebastian on the bed and leave the room with a very stern warning to keep his dog butt planted RIGHT THERE. He listens, so I get them both in the room.

I lay down. Sebastian lays down. And now I feel really bad because I was doing homework all night and that's not his fault and he just wanted to play. So I pet him and apologized and promised I'd chase him real soon.

But then he jumps off the bed. On the bed, off the bed. I hear a bunch of noises and realize that Oreo is on top of the TV. Then I hear her scratching in the litterbox, which she never uses but I keep in the room as insurance. Next, she's on top of the headboard. Mind you, Oreo sleeps about 20 hours a day and usually just curls up with us and snuggles the night away. Sebastian jumps down again. And up again. I give Sebastian a final warning. "One more time, and it's nigh-nights." That means crate time.

Finally, I look at the clock at it's 1:30. A full half-hour since when I tried to lay down. I decide it's time for Oreo to go outside. I get up and she's standing at the door. I pick her up, take her to the front door, set her outside, she HURLS herself back in. "Oreo!" I find her on the kitchen counter, eating. I put her outside, in the garage this time, where she can eat. Chris is awake by now, wondering what all the commotion is about. I'm ready to cry. I just want to go to sleep. I had a bad night of sleep the night before, too.

There, I find a big ugly possum eating the catfood.

Then I finally got to lay back down, where I laid and felt guilty about making Oreo go outside and reconsidered, thinking maybe I'd go out and get her, so got back up and looked at the litterbox (she indeed had still not used it) and realized I just couldn't. She'd been inside since, like, 7 p.m. She can't keep eating and drinking and wanting to stay up all night and expecting to stay up by herself in the main part of the house and not use a litterbox! So I felt guilty.

But eventually I fell asleep. And then at 7, the dogs woke me up by whining at me from in the bathroom.

I got up and shut the door.


Sadly, though, I had to take another Imitrex this morning. But at least it worked! Hopefully for good this time!
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