Monday, July 16, 2007
  bulls & stalkers & burritos & pilates
I wanted to get at least one discussion post done for class, and now I've done it, so I can go to sleep! Yipee! But first..

Is it mean of me to to revel in the dumbasses' injuries at this whole running of the bulls thing? See here for the pics. I mean, I know it is. Half these guys are programmers from Muncie and accountants from, I dunno, what's a lame place in Spain? They are trying to be exotic and cool, so why not go run with the bulls in Pamplona? The thing is, I think it's dumb. Going to Festival de San Fermin or whatever does not make them Ernest goddamn Hemmingway. Also, that festival involves a lot of bullfights, which I totally do not agree with (duh). I mean, the only way I can think about it is that it's a rodeo, but evil. #1. You hurt the bull. #2. Even if the bull wins, you kill him. It's just so not cool. Also, at least the rodeo has a redneck reputation. Somehow, bullfighting got some exotic and beautiful air to it. The bullfighters are considered sexy. Bullfighting is an art. They're killing a bull, slowly. Unfair fight. If the bulls agreed to fight, and they were allowed to walk away from the ring and a few more bullfighters got gored to death, I may be okay with it, but until that day.. Well, until that day, I will revel in pictures of dumbass Norwegian guys with bullhorns pierced under their shin skin. :)

Oh, turns out Chris had a stalker at work. I can't really talk much about it, but.. ha. He didn't really realize it. He just thought she was around to help a lot. Turns out she wasn't supposed to be. I asked what her name was. When he said it, I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I remember hearing that name." "Yeah, she's the one that baked me the birthday cake." Uh-oh!

45 minutes on the treadmill tonight, and lifted weights afterwards. I was totally dawdling and dragging ass to get there, but I had no excuse not to go. I did what they say to do - go anyway! And it worked. I was walking, and then some couple came in, just at the time I was going to start running. I put it in my head to run for 10 minutes. The guy started running right next to me at the same time I did, at the 6-minute mark. He kept running, at what seemed like exactly the same speed, and I passed 16:00 and felt fine, so ran, and kept running.. 'til 26:00. Then I walked a couple of minutes. Ran 13:00. Walked a couple. Et cetera. It turned out better than I would've hoped considering I could barely walk across the street (blasted sangria!) and seriously, the walking on the treadmill was painful :) It turns out having a little motivation on the treadmill helps, even if he has no idea you're using him that way!

I had a frozen burrito with avocado, salsa, and greek yogurt for dinner (I passed on the leftover Indian; too spicy and/or innocent-baby-lamb-y). A serving of strawberry sorbet for dessert.

Now time to go try to sleep. Shaa.

Oh, hey, I'm looking into pilates. There is a place that's reasonable, but apparently I have to quit my job if I want to make their hours. Then there's a place that's IN MY OFFICE BUILDING, but apparently I have to get a SECOND job if I want to afford their rates. So I guess I keep looking. Dammit. But I'm really curious about lessons or classes or whatever it is you want to call them! I got one lead, I may call tomorrow. :)
I agree with you, bullfights are a nasty nasty business. There is a scene in Once Upon a Time in Mexico where Johnny Depp placed a hidden tazer in the matador's belt and he hits the remote control and the matador freezes and screams and then gets taken out by the bull. It's good stuff..
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