Wednesday, July 18, 2007
  oh, how i miss the fishies

P4160203_edited-1, originally uploaded by tiswango.

but the boat isn't quite water-ready yet. well, it IS in the water yet, but one of the engines isn't at 100%. and we're in pittsburgh anyway. also, the cats have a vet appt sunday when we get home. THAT should be fun - ellie literally tries to dismantle the crate when i put him in it nowadays. i had to do that back when they had to stay in the garage when we had to open the door and it was honestly scary. we're talking 'the exorcist' scary. the whole crate was shaking. ay.

anyway, i'm sleepy! i took the night off. i needed it. towards the end of the day, i was bigtime dragging, so i drank some yerba mate, hoping it would help. it seemed to. as i was walking out to my car, i felt the old familar you're-getting-a-headache ache. oh, shit! so i took an imitrex and all was fine, but i also was playing the 75/25% game on whether i would be nauseous or not and i lost. and i'm so sore from the past couple of days at the gym that i feel sick, seriously. also, the unit on transcendentalism was due tonight, so i had a lot of work to do. so, yeah, it was time for a night off. tomorrow, i'll go back but will do an easy, slow jog.

i opted out of our wednesday evening out and instead we ate thai to go. mmmm!

food: breakfast smoothie with protein mix, greens powder, a banana, romaine, and spinach. it was actually good, even if it was a frightening color green. lunch: a romaine sandwich (ha ha) - two pieces of romaine surrounding zucchini hummus with bell peppers. one kiwi fruit. 1/4 papaya fruit. also, someone had left a bag of chocolate-covered raisins OPEN ON THE COUNTER in the kitchen so i had probably a half-handful.. luckily they were sugar-free so relatively not as bad. having had a raw lunch, of COURSE two hours later i had to go get a yogurt. :) to drink at work, 1 green tea and 1 half bottle yerba mate (40 cals). when i got home, 1/2 serving sorbet (60 cals) and then a bunch of yummy thai food - tofu panang and tofu pad thai. also, coconut shrimp, but there were only 5 and i shared them with chris, kitten, and oreo. which means i got, like, two.

i know no one is actually reading all this food stuff, but it holds me accountable, so i'm writing it all down anyway.

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