Thursday, July 12, 2007
  the hungry girl talks about, you guessed it, food.
nearly 8 p.m. and i ain't eaten dinner yet!

chris went out with his mistress tonight (or as he likes to call it, off to a breast cancer support group to offer news and, uhh, support) so i'm on my own for dinner. then i bummed around at the gym after i worked out doing more, ya know, working out.. now i gotta go to the store and get the fixins for my old bachelorette-style dinner. inspired by the three big jars of delicious pineapple salsa i got from work for free, i'm getting these frozen cheese burritos that are really good for you. you just microwave them, add some greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream but is fat free and has lots of protein), salsa, and avocado.

anyway, i got sick of watching the local news with the old people at the gym tonight, so at the 15-minute mark, headed over to the other gym to spend my last 30 minutes watching seinfeld at the other gym. they're just on opposite sides of the building. those last 30 minutes, i decided i didn't want to do my four-minutes-faster-two-minutes-slower thing, so i slowed it down a little, so i could just keep a steady pace (just minutely slower than i go when i'm going faster, but even tenths of a mile make a big difference, at least to my squirrely woman brain) and took 2 two-minute walking-briskly breaks. that means i ran for 26 of those 30 minutes, the last of a 45-minute jog! i was happy with that! also, the walking wasn't really even 'cause i needed it. it's more because i do this, "you can walk after ten minutes," thing the whole time i'm running, so when i hit 10:00, i want to walk. it's a mental thing.

the sad part is that is nothing outside. outside, i hardly walk at all and am usually gone for an hour, of course with time out to save a bee from the ocean (no, really) or usher a crab to safety from A1A or something, but for the most part i jog.. but who knows how fast i'm going... and the scenery makes it all fly by. but inside, that is an accomplishment. running inside is tedious, big time. i have to say, though, tonight's wasn't tedious. it flew by! it was great!

food report: breakfast - a banana and a juvo raw shake. lunch: we were having a meeting at work and some chick last time was on the cabbage soup diet and brought cabbage soup diet and you know i work for a food place and you know we have our meetings catered and i was just not going to be that girl. long story short, i had a little sandwich with cheese and grilled vegetables from catering and half a brought-from-home papaya. i resisted the bags and bags of flavored popcorn and chips during the meeting. i did have, literally, two kernels so i could taste the peppermint flavored popcorn. that was good. also, to drink: half a kombucha (35 cals.), one green tea (0 cals.), and lots of water.

when i left work, i had my second juvo shake. i think it made a difference, energywise, at the gym. yesterday i was dragging, but today i felt great. :)

now off to get my burrrritos and a raw fruit pie!

my apologies for having such a boring blog but when you can't really talk about your boyfriend 'cause, ya know, he be a professional, and you can't really talk about your job because, ya know, you don't want to get dooced, the topics are limited. also, i don't do much anymore. :D boring girl!

we ARE getting the boat on the water this weekend, so that should be good.

also, in august, i have been invited to a baby sea turtle release! it starts at 8, so i may be able to get some pictures before the sun goes down. :) :) :)
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