Saturday, July 14, 2007
  fluffernutters on wonderbread - american pride.
2 a.m.! me! still up!

i invited alli down tonight. after all, she had a cock n' balls cake to make, i had sangria to mix up. why not do it together?

i kinda knew after work that i wasn't up for a workout (having worked out 6 of the past 7 days), so instead i came home and changed into a swimsuit and.... maniacally uncluttered the house. see, when idalia has been coming to clean lately, instead of really getting the place looking nice, she has still been CLEANING, but having to straighten back all our crap back into orderly piles again. and there is just no reason for that. so everyone's stuff went back into their personal space. all my raw books and hair ties -> back into the bedroom. all chris's boat manuals -> back into the bedroom. all patty's mail and journals -> back into her bedroom. and everything else went back into its place as well. i de-cluttered for a good two hours, then hopped in the shower as alli was on her way.

we ate some chris-prepared burrrritos and went to winn-dixie for a nutritional-disaster shopping spree. mac 'n cheese? check. marshmallow fluff? check. canned fruit? check. $5.99 mega bottle of wine? check. wonderbread? check. frosting? check. the list goes on.

the sangria should be good. i put a huge bottle of wine, plus a normal sized bottle of wine, plus a couple of shots or so of rum, some welch's blackberry juice, along with lots of berries and canned papaya and pineapple along with fresh oranges and lemon. and sugar. tomorrow i add the ginger ale and it's good to go. i had to re-arrange the entire fridge for it, taking out a shelf to fit the pot it's in, but that's okay.

alli's cake - ha! i'm gonna make you wait for the pictures. she's so funny. we had a good time. i'm glad she came down! the crazy girl went home tonight instead of just staying here, but it was a good time.

tomorrow is the boat launch, for which i may or may not be present (circumstances will determine). i think i may make some nutella/wonderbread finger sandwiches. i gotta make that mac 'n cheese & fake hot dogs entree i promised. i wanna work out. alex's party starts in the late afternoon. i gotta do homework at some point this weekend. ay, my classes are done in just a few weeks!

okay, time to hit the sack!

but not before the meal report!

breakfast: juvo shake, made with almond milk. lunch: half a papaya, juvo shake, and a banana. get-home snack: greek yogurt with some berry & seed mix sprinkled in. dinner: 1 burrito comprised of rice n beans with pineapple salsa, sour cream, and avocado. one more small pile of rice n beans with guac and sour cream on top. of course, then i was exposed to a mixing bowl for a couple of hours and finally gave in, so i have to add to the day's tally: some chocolate cake batter, sexily eaten straight from the bowl, and a little frosting too. whoops. and just now, at 2 a.m., i had a handful of salt & vinegar chips left over from the potato chips & mayonnaise sandwiches alli made. not perfect, but damn good considering my exposure! oh, yeah, and when alli was making the fluffer-nutter finger sandwiches, i had two. tiny sandwiches. :)
Stacy go to the bost lauch. He might need a extra crew member. I never forget one time I put a inboard outboard boat in the water for the first time. I had my son driving and something just did not seem right. I went back opened the engine cover and found the hose sending the water being used for the cooling water was off and the engine was pumping water into the boat so fast it would not have taken long to sink it. Had I not had that extra hand I would have sunk her while driving it accross the lake. That boat reinforced the saying, at least for me, that a boat is a big hole in the water you throw money into and the saying the two happiest days are when you buy the boat and when you sell it. I hope Chris got a good one and it does well. I love the water and boating. It nice when things work out well.
I'm going to have to try that Sangria recipe, sounds yummy!
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