Wednesday, July 11, 2007
  since searches on "sleepy" and "tired" are not yielding any interestingmatches...

i think i'll just start using random pics. yeah.

all is well. it's 11. i'm hot. the fan in the bedroom rocks so i'm gonna make this quick so i can go visit it.

i slept badly last night, maybe on account of the dogs being in the next room. chewing and chewing. and growling, because they were not chewing on the thing they WANTED to be chewing on. et cetera.

tonight, i drink chamomile. yo no se si this is gonna work, but we'll see.

today -
breakfast: juvo raw shake mixed with almond milk and a squeeze of honey, and a banana.

lunch: half a papaya. funny, i was starving but ate the papaya and felt fine. later, there were about 50 fake meat jerkys up for grab in the break room so i had one (and took about 15 home) - 160 cals, 15 grams of protein. yeah, baby. to drink today i had the second half of that pomegranate yerba mate (40 cals), one green tea (0 cals), and one decaf green tea (0 cals). and lots of water.

you'll note that i have not had a coffee since last friday. and surprisingly this hasn't even really been work, especially compared to last time when i kicked it. i am assuming this has something to do with the fact that i am not trying to substitute it with another sugary, creamy beverages like chai lattes. i do have some decaf chai mix, but i think i'll save it for special occasions, rather than every day. this makes me happy because coffee is one of those horrible-for-me things i've wanted to stop forever and just could not do. i really, really wondered if it would be possible. but so far i have done it and it has been fine and it's so good to be dropping the 200-500 calories a day i was consuming on the two or so coffees & iced coffees i was drinking each day. at least one was from dunkin donuts, and they were a nutritional nightmare, i'm guessing. even when i asked for half and half, they gave me cream... and think of all those cups i was throwing away!

pre-workout was a half-mug or so of greek yogurt with a few shakes of ground-up flax and dried blueberries.

the workout was tough - 45 min on the treadmill, nothing special, but i was PUSHING myself. sweatin' up a storm. after, i lifted weights and lunged around the room for a bit.

dinner was the customary wednesday at oceans grill, only this time i had shrimp quesadillas -- without the queso. that is, shrimp and veggies with salsa, guac, and sour cream. tasty. oh, and a few of chris's french fries. i came home wanting dessert so had a genuine *serving* of strawberry sorbet (120 cals) covered in soymilk. trust me, adding milk or soymilk to any ice cream or similar dessert makes it yummmy after it freezes.

ha ha ha. tonight i went to the smaller gym since the bigger gym had a dude workin' out in it. i turned on law & order. 10 minutes later, a girl walks in and i see her visibly wilt. she was in there on friday, watching her e! and doin' her thang. i'm sure most people are like me, and want the gym to themselves.. and if they have to share, they at least want to be there first so they can pick the station. i almost felt guilty. and on friday, she ended things on the uh.. you know, the crunch-assister thing. well, i was doing that tonight when she left, which means she probably wanted to do it. i bet i just ruined her whole night.

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